Instruction in full swing

Our instructors are facilitators. They use teaching materials and methods and create specially adapted learning scenarios.

We put interchange and interaction at the heart of the learning experience, because trust and a sense of motivation are essential components of language learning.

We prioritize the use of original professional documents and the reenactment of real-life situations, because improvement comes while working on concrete cases.

In practice

We act as guides for the preparation, the teaching, and the follow-up of the courses. We develop tailor-made learning solutions in three steps.


Step 1


  • Identification and assessment of needs
  • Measure of language proficiency according to the CECRL (Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les Langues)
  • Proposed fee estimate and course program
  • Preparation of teaching aids and applications
  • Set up of intra- and intercompany groups

Step 2

Practical Application

  • Preparation of the teaching program
  • Set up of situational examples
  • Course content adapted throughout the course
  • Advice from the Project Manager, the pedagogical intermediary
  • Progress and learner satisfaction monitored

Step 3


  • The instructor gives a written and oral assessment of language acquisition
  • Final report drafted at the end of the course
  • Tests taken as required (TOEIC, BULATS, etc.)
  • Participants complete an evaluation questionnaire
  • E-learning and news reports updated for on-line learning

Languages taught

74% of our courses are taught in English.
Our traditional client base of German instruction goes back over 30 years.
There are 460 million native speakers in the world. Learning Spanish gives your career an international dimension.
The Polish Institute has relied on our language instruction for the last 10 years.


Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, etc.

Whatever your language requirement may be, our instructors are always native speakers.


French as a Second Language

French as a Second Language

Our trainers create the lesson content according to your mother tongue. They adapt to your needs and to your professional expectations.

Lessons are held on your company site or in our training centre in Paris

French for Native Speakers

French for Native Speakers

If French is your mother tongue and you want to improve your written or oral expression for your career development. Do you need to review grammar or spelling fundamentals? Do you need to prepare for the Voltaire Certificate exam?

Our dedicated instructors are ready to share their passion for the French language with you, either individually or in a group!

What our instructors say about their work

  • As an English speaker from South Africa, I am delighted to help people communicate with self-assurance in English. Through engaging teaching activities, I like to notice learners who "forget" that they are communicating in a foreign language. A sign of real progress.

    Daniella Pedagogical Manager
  • My job enables me to live my passion for languages and for language transmission. Teaching a language involves understanding the culture, and various cultures. This intercultural and interpersonal dimension makes my work exciting.

    Marie-Laure Instructor of French as a Foreign Language
  • My dream comes true every day. I share my knowledge and I learn from others. How else would it have been possible for me to meet such widely experienced academicians, lawyers, doctors, hospital staff, engineers, computer scientists, bankers, administrative staff, and technicians without my involvement in language teaching?

    Claire English Project Manager
  • I have been teaching for over ten years. I chose to work for Unicom because it attracts the best teachers and develops a strong and lasting relationship with each one of them. I am given the freedom to choose my teaching materials without having to use a pre-designed program provided by an anonymous provider. For me, UNICOM is more than just a job, it's a family.

    Maureen English instructor